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Family Dental Montgomery | Periodontal Gum Treatment in Cincinnati

(513) 791-0030

8271 Cornell Road Suite 710

Cincinnati, OH  45249

Jerry P. Gao, DDS & Eileen TL Gao, DDS

Periodontal Gum Treatment


Take this Quiz to find out if you might need more than "just a cleaning"


1.  Do your gums bleed after you brush & floss?

2. Do you have persistent bad breath? 

3. Do you have Diabetes, are pregnant or smoke?

4.  Do you have red or swollen gums?

5.  Do you have loose teeth or teeth are sore when you chew or bite?


If you answered YES to any of these questions, you may need a more comprehensive dental cleaning to return your gum tissue to a more healthy state.  Dr. Gao will determine the type of dental cleaning you will need after a thorough examination.  Our excellent Hygiene Staff will then work with you to educate you on how together you can keep your smile for years to come! 

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Cincinnati Dentist | Periodontal Gum Treatment. Jerry Gao is a Cincinnati Dentist.